Welcome to Israiic – Israel Conference Interpreters

We are pleased to welcome you to the site of Israiic, a registered non-profit association comprising all professional conference interpreters who are members of AIIC - the one and only International Association of Conference Interpreters - living and working in Israel.

This is also the one and only site offering easy access in Hebrew to all the information you need about professional interpretation - and professional interpreters.

Please note that professional conference interpreters may only join aiic after acquiring proven experience in multilingual conferences covering a wide range of subjects. Moreover, candidates must fulfill a set of strict requirements, including peer review, in order to ensure the expected quality and integrity in their performance.

On joining the international association, all members must undertake the commitment to respect AIIC’s Professional Standards and its Code of Ethics, stipulating mandatory requirements regarding confidentiality and rules of professional conduct.

The global Online Directory lists all aiic members by regions (Israel is one of them) and shows the language combination of each member, together with his/her home address, e-mail address, and phone numbers.

Israiic members are at your service and ready to help as required to obtain the best interpreting services for each and every event, with maximum ease and efficiency. We extend an open invitation to visit Israiic and aiic websites and to contact the real professionals in the region.